But Maybe is a graphic and digital design studio founded by Giulia Bardelli, Andrea Guccini and Michele Pastore, based in Bologna.

The collaboration starts betwixt Italy and the Netherlands in 2018 as a contamination 'tween digital and editorial.
Today the studio develops powerful, durable and recognisable communication systems with a strategical approach distinguishable for being at the same time methodological and versatile.

Giulia Bardelli

Visual designer and web developer. After pursuing a BA degree in Visual Communication at Polytechnic University of Milan and a Graphic Design Master in the Netherlands, she starts working both as a freelancer and for other studio between Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Milan. The career path eventually brings her back to freelancing with a strong focus on digital design and branding for non-profit organisations. She currently teaches "Layout and display techniques" at IED in Milan.

Andrea Guccini

Art Director specialized in editorial design and visual identities. During the Graphic Design studies at IED he works with Mondadori, designing a special edition of their Oscar. After graduation he moves to London where he works for the publishing house Unit Editions and graphic design studio Spin. Once ended this experience he goes back to Italy to work for Studio Mut and then for Tassinari/Vetta. Since 2018 he teaches "Art Direction" at IAAD Bologna and "Design Methodology & Editorial Design" at IED in Milan.

Michele Pastore

Graphic designer with a focus on the creation of visual identities processes for public and private institutions. Thanks to experience gained through the years of studies at ISIA Urbino and those spent working for the branding project of the City Hall of Bologna, he applies a precise method to visual communication paying attention to the understanding of the client's specific needs in all the phases of the project.

Our Services

  • Visual Identity

  • Brand Design

  • Brand Strategy

  • Web Design

  • Programming

  • Editorial Design

  • Book Design

  • Social Planning

  • Content Creation

  • Copywriting

  • Brand Analysis

  • Packaging

  • Environmental GD

  • Motion

Selected clients

  • Comune di Bologna

  • FIU Bologna

  • Cineteca Bologna

  • Bologna Welcome

  • Comune di Melpignano

  • Comune di Milano

  • Mondadori

  • Comune di Bergamo

  • Ph Museum

  • Spazio Alda Merini

  • Archistart

  • Paradisoterrestre

  • Alchemilla

  • Il Mercato Ritrovato

  • VCS Group

  • APT Livigno


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40126 Bologna (IT)
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